Monday, October 6, 2008

The Most Important Election in Canadian History

Here's my not-so-bold prediction:

More people will vote for the song that will become the new Hockey Night in Canada theme than vote in the upcoming federal election.

And if you really think about, why shouldn't they? This truly is the most monumental election in Canadian history. Another Conservative minority government will be around for what, a couple years max? Big deal. But the new HNIC anthem, like the beloved old one, could last for decades -- now there's a vote that will actually have a significant impact on all Canadians for generations to come!

If only there was some way to combine the federal election and hockey ...

Well, Stephane Dion playing some road hockey is close enough, I suppose. I see that he's not being endorsed by RBK or Reebok or whatever they're calling themselves these days (make up your mind already!), as he's not wearing the fancy new Edge jerseys.

Does this make Dion out of touch with modern technology, or actually more in tune with the common Canadian who can't afford these ridiculous new sweaters (when nothing was really wrong with the old ones)? Keep your eyes on the polls!

I've got my money on either song #3 or song #4, by the way. But don't let me influence your vote. It's a free country, after all.