Thursday, October 16, 2008

Two Weddings...Three Continents... Four Weeks.

An Aussie Girl In Ottawa - Event Planning 101

The task threatens to be the ultimate of all event planning challenges - Plan two weddings across three continents to be held over four weeks - and plan it all online!

Any event planner should have seriously questioned such an endeavour. Except this time there was a catch... the weddings are mine.

Six months ago if someone had told me that my English boyfriend was planning a romantic New York City proposal to this Aussie girl and that the result would be planning a wedding ceremony in both Australia and England from my laptop in Ottawa, I would have doubted their sanity! But with family and friends around the globe with aspirations of celebrating our nuptials in person, and with eight years of event planning to fall back on, we decided to take the plunge to plan our ambitious transcontinental weddings via the world wide web.

And so begins the execution of Event Planning 101 - embracing all of the the dos and don'ts of the foundations of event planning to make our wedding the best day of our lives - both times!

I have the ring, the fiance and the dates are set. Now the fun begins... venue suggestions anyone?