Friday, April 3, 2009

Ideas for Tweets: Things you can post on Twitter

Thanks to Erin and Elise for their ideas in the creation of this post!

Ideas for Twitter / Things to Post on Twitter

  • What you had for breakfast
  • A blog post you wrote (plus link)
  • That million dollar idea you thought of in the shower (you know, like a keyboard with a clock on it that ALSO plays mp3 AND shocks you every time you make an obvious typo)
  • What you're currently reading (plus link)
  • A request at 3 a.m. to see whom amongst your followers wants to go grab some late night snacks at Denny's
  • A link to a neat-o new blog you found
  • An interesting statistic
  • A picture of you and Shaq twittering together
  • A funny and/or serious quote
  • An SEO tip of the day
  • Links to the dozen or so Firefox extensions you're currently running
  • A request for more Twitter ideas
  • Ideas to spark conversation and make elevator rides less awkward
  • An inside joke only your significant other will understand
  • An update when if you're running late
  • The movie you saw last night (plus link)
  • The best commercial you've seen lately (plus link)
  • Your weekend plans
  • A weather update
  • What the guy next to you on the bus said to you this morning
  • Your mantra for the day
  • A tweet about twitter
  • Your pet peeve of the moment
  • A birthday shout out
  • Your deepest, darkest secret
  • The newest yoga pose you've mastered
  • What you did for your morning workout
  • Whether it's a coffee or tea day
  • A particularly funny item of news/gossip
  • A quotable from your day (i.e. "Mike's a secret farmer"*)

*I am not a secret farmer.