Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Did you follow OC Transpo to the Tulips?

After the OC Transpo bus strike debacle of 2008-2009, I've found myself keeping a close eye on how Ottawa's public transit organization would take care of some much needed damage control. Let's be honest: they angered a few people in the city.

We quickly forget how horrible December and January were for some of us, trying to commute throughout the city in the crummiest of weather. Overall the city was able to cope, but unfortunately jobs were lost and faith in OC Transpo was shaken.

So what have they been doing to get their name out there, if anything at all? Good question.

For me, I noticed that this year OC Transpo was heavily promoting it's "OC Transpo to the Tulips" shuttle bus that commuted thousands of tourists and locals from Dow's Lake to downtown during the 2009 Tulip Festival. Dozens of signs at the event and along the canal showcased their logo and their message.

Although according to the customer service representative at OC Transpo head office, this shuttle isn't a new thing - they've been doing it for years. This year, they just focused on getting the message out through signage and online awareness that OC Transpo was helping people get around.

I hope it worked. It got my attention. Did it get yours?

Damage control is needed in 2009 for OC Transpo. Thankfully, they plan to keep pushing their marketing efforts to re-shape the city's impression of our only public transportation system. I think it's still a great way to get around the Capital.

Has OC Transpo done anything for you in 2009 to re-shape your impression of their services?