Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Breakthrough: Twitter Saves Lives, Cola Kills, and Who Knows What Calbee Does?

The Friday Breakthrough is Ottawa's weekly roundup of some of the Internet's best marketing and social media articles for a less-than-intense day at the office.

1. In social media news this week, two celebrity Tweeters, actresses Demi Moore and Nia Vardalos, were involved in the intervention of an apparent suicide threat/attempt by a young man in Florida after allegedly receiving disturbing Twitter messages from him. Apparently, Demi Moore's Twitter account was involved with a similar case last spring. With a great number of followers comes great responsibility, I suppose. It's nice to hear that Moore and Vardalos took action.

2. A group called The Alliance for a Healthier New York has initiated an advertising campaign to garner support for a soda tax bill proposed by Governor David Paterson. Darren Franich of points out the relevance of this campaign to Lady Gaga's latest hairstyle, wondering aloud if the pop star is showing her support of this campaign with this new look.

3. Well, this video certainly was the highlight of my Friday so far. Check out this weird/creepy/unintelligible commercial for Calbee, a Japanese snack food company. Why? Why not? It's Friday. I can't say I get how the commercial's content relates to the product being sold, but I'm sure it catches people's attention!

Have a nice weekend!