Friday, September 3, 2010

Are Games the New Social Media?

We all know that the last five years, if not the last decade, have been about the birth, growth, and spread of social media. Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, and other social networks and blogs, have transformed not only the internet, but the way people live their lives. Social media isn’t a fad, and it’s not done evolving. Just this week, Apple joined the fray with the new Ping social network that will be included in its iTunes 10 offering. Facebook continues to grow and offer new features, and new social media sites spring up all the time. It seems to be all social media all the time, but what’s next?

Seth Priebatsch, the founder of SCVNGR (a start-up company backed by Google Ventures), thinks the future lies in games. At a TEDx event in Boston, he said the last decade was about creating a “social layer” over the world that actively connected people. The next decade, he asserts, is going to be about the “game layer” that will serve to influence people. It’s fascinating stuff. Check out the video.