Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tweets Tempt Americans to Travel to Canada?

This summer, the Canadian Tourism Commission attempted to inspire Americans to vacation in the great white north by installing interactive murals in New York City, Chicago, and L.A. The murals displayed "real-time updates from and about Canada" from the Twitterverse. Check out the video below.

It certainly is eye-catching! I wish I could see the installation in person, because I'm worried that it doesn't do Canada justice. The one and only tweet that I found legible in the video reads: "During my stay in Canada, the trees in my yard grew so I couldn't go out by car, but I trimmed them quickly in the rain. FUN! :D" What!?! This is being read by citizens of three of the coolest cities in North America and they're supposed to want to go and buy a plane ticket to Canada after "interacting" with this kind of content?

I'm sure there were some really great photos and tweets about all the great tourism opportunities from Victoria to Ottawa to Halifax and everywhere in between... unfortunately they just aren't showcased in this video. In my personal opinion, I think social media could have been more effective as supplementary to a more traditional approach rather than as the focal point of this campaign. What do you think?