Friday, November 12, 2010

A priceless wedding experiment

So you splurged on the diamond, got down on one knee, and now let the wedding planning begin!

For many couples, gearing up for the big day can be a costly endeavour: renting a venue, arranging a caterer, flowers, music, limo, The Dress, tuxes… it all can send one’s head for a spin. Indeed, having just planned such an event myself, this author writes from experience.

However, one Ottawa couple is looking to take a different route to prepare for the big day. Their goal: to plan a wedding that is entirely free of charge.

Brian Bass and Jordan Kent of Westboro have launched what they call Project: Priceless, an online experiment where they ask for donations towards their wedding using their blog and social media tools like Facebook and Twitter. States the couple on their blog,

“This is an experiment in social media, in community kindness, and in product placement.

“…Ideally, everything from dress to wedding favours will be begged, borrowed, or donated. We are also allowed to utilize trade, whether we trade something we have for something you have, or if we can offer a good or service of our own to trade with yours.”

In return, the couple says they will provide donors with a shout out on their blog, a listing in their wedding program, and promotion “via word-of-mouth” and social media. More importantly, they say they offer donors the satisfaction of giving to such “an adorable couple”.

Only a few weeks since their engagement in mid-October, Brian and Jordan have garnered media attention in local community papers, the Ottawa Sun, and the Ottawa Citizen, along with more than 1,000 visits to their blog.

To follow their progress, you can visit their website at