Tuesday, March 29, 2011

MB Becomes an Adwords Certified Partner…Now What?

Last month MB became Ottawa’s second officially Certified Google Adwords Partner. Internally this news was fantastic. Word was filtered through the watercooler, emails and texts, with staff feeling very proud and excited about this achievement.
Soon after, word started spreading to our clients, garnering a different response.

“Congratulations. What is a Certified Partner?” or “Good for you. Will my bill be going up?”

To begin, no, bills are not going up, but these interactions raised out very good points related to our relationships with clients as online marketers. Most importantly, it exemplifies that the most important part of any Adwords campaign is trust.

Like many other Ottawa marketing firms, Marketing Breakthroughs manages thousands of online marketing dollars for clients every day. Our clients know how much we spend, and they know how many leads these tactics generate, but the strategy that turns money into leads is primarily trusted in our hands.

Often they will ask:
  • How many leads did we get this week?
Occasionally they will ask:
  • Are we targeting “example keyword”?
  • Do we have ads that say “product benefit”?
  • What is our cost per click?
Rarely do they ask:
  • Are we bidding on ten keywords or ten thousand?
  • What is the Adwords allocation between search, display, video and mobile ads into the Ottawa market?
  • How have we structured the landing pages and what is our Google Adwords quality score?
And never do they ask:
If I was a client I would be asking all of the above, but I am not. Our clients have their own expertise, in their own fields, and they are extremely good at what they do. Instead, they place an enormous amount of trust that MB is extremely qualified in what we do.

So do I expect that clients will begin asking about MB being Ottawa’s second Google Adwords Certified Partner? No. They trust that MB will handle their Google Adwords Campaign effectively and within the Google guidelines at all times.

Is it because we are certified? No. We underwent the training to become a Certified Google Adwords Partner because we want to be the best Adwords provider in Ottawa.

So why do our clients bring their Adwords business to MB?

For results? Well, yes...but more importantly, because we have built their trust.