Friday, February 13, 2009

Ottawa Football vs. Soccer...What Google Says

Have you noticed a rise in the volume of Ottawa sports fans recently?

No, I'm not talking about the Senators 3 game winning streak. What I am hearing is Ottawa football fans and Ottawa Soccer fans coming out of the woodwork to cheer for their sport, or at least the possible future existence of their sport in Ottawa.

Why can't both teams survive in one market? That's a good question that I am not hear to answer. Instead I am curious about what the pulse of the city is really feeling. And instead of basing the feeling of fans to the limited phone ins and email to talk radio and the papers, I thought I'd turn to a completely unbiased observer. Google.

Below are the average number of monthly searches on Google for various search terms related to the debate. Assuming that these terms are mostly entered by adults (age 18-55), it may provide some additional insight:

Ottawa Football - 5400
Ottawa Football Team - 210
Ottawa CFL Team - 91

Ottawa Soccer - 12,100
Ottawa Soccer Team - 480
Ottawa MLS Team - Not Enough Data

What does this indicate? I suppose one could say that overall, there is more general interest in Soccer than Football, however, when it comes to interest about a future franchise, football wins.

Just out of curiosity I performed one more search:

Ottawa Senators - 135,000

Just to put it all in perspective.

Want to do your own searches, simply go to the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Enjoy!