Friday, February 13, 2009

Good "Grammar" Matters

We here at Marketing Breakthroughs value good grammar. We have a strict copyediting process to ensure that we catch any grammatical errors. We ensure that at least two sets of eyes go over each draft that we prepare for a client. We understand that proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation is essential if you want people to respect your work and believe in your expertise. 

Here's another reason to take that extra minute to double-check or triple-check your work: A blog that ridicules the overuse of quotation marks. It's pretty funny. Clearly someone had had enough of their pet peeve and wanted to share their annoyance with the world. Wikipedia explains that it is a common mistake to use quotation marks for emphasis, in lieu of underlining or italics. This can be confusing and/or funny for the reader. Below is my favourite photo from the Unnecessary Quotes blog. Apparently this restaurant serves something called "real food"... I must try it!