Monday, February 16, 2009

Recession Strategies, A boom industry in 2009

During a recession it may be tough to find a job, sales, a loan, new business opportunities, market confidence, a boom, and so on.

One thing that you can find in abundance is free advice.

A quick search on google for: “Recession Strategies” 2009, returned over 6000+ results. A few clicks into the results and you will find links providing: 3 Recession Strategies, 5 Recession Strategies, 7 Recession Strategies, and 10 Recession Strategies.

I’m not sure if more is better, but after reading through the numbers, it seems to me that the strategies for surviving a recession are mostly just good overall business principles. If you’re afraid of how your business is going to survive, here’s what you need to know:

- Be proactive with your market, get out and meet people.

- Provide above and beyond service to win customers over and beat out the competition.

- Work with your partners to develop new opportunities.

- Focus on your core business, don’t waste time spinning your wheels on activities outside your expertise.

- Treat every lead like gold.

If you are not afraid of the recession, then my guess is that you already know this.