Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Here's your Mad Men Style Guide!

In preparation for next week’s MB Sweet 16 {Mad Men Style}, we thought we’d take a minute to talk about Mad Men Style. Everyone at the office took the Which Mad Man Character are you? quiz in order to familiarize ourselves with the evening ‘dress code’ (optional for guests, but highly recommended!). The results? Surprising! Take it for yourself here.


The most lady-like of the bunch, she is rarely seen inanything but a full skirt, and a great piece of costume jewelry around herneck. The length hits her just below theknee (did we mention she’s a full fledged lady?) and the print is usually asophisticated floral. Want to try thislook for yourself? Betty Draper’sevening style is diamonds, silk and full organza skirts! Who’s the Betty at MB? You’ll have to RSVP tosee!


This feisty character isn’t shy about her assets. Trying the “Joan” look is as easy as findinga curve accentuating sheath dress, adding a brooch and a belt to cinch thewaist. The polar opposite of Betty, Joanis drawn to solid colours and figure flattering silhouettes. You’ll never guess which one of us is theoffice Joan!


Don is the modern classic, his suits are fitted but notovertly tight. His colours are muted butcertainly not boring, his ties are powerful but not overpowering. If you’re the “Don” type, all you need is agrey suit, a pocket square, and a {thin} charcoal tie. Don’t forget the slicked back hair with theside part.


Pete: The young go-getter at Sterling Cooper. His suits match his voracity and drive. They’re modern, slim cut and he usually addsa youthful twist via colour. Even thoughhis look is monochromatic, Pete manages to stand out. He matches his tie colour to his suit,usually a shade or two off and pulls off a certain youthful refinement. Ifyou’re used to gray, try a peacock blue - you’d be surprised at how classicthis look can be! To finish off the slimtailoring, add a tie clip, fedora and you’re in business.

Paul & Harry

Paul and Harry are the fashion curve-balls in theoffice. Often seen with bow ties,cardigans and a mixture of tweeds as opposed to the traditional suit, these twowere classic and retro even in the 1960s. Paul is often seen in separates: cardigans mixed with brown slacks ortweed sports coats paired with khakis, while Harry swears by pocket squares andbow ties.


And then we have Roger: the man {in our opinions} of thehour. He oozes power, charm and eleganceand there isn’t a single soul that would say ‘no’ to him {except of course, Ms.Joan Holloway}. Roger keeps hiscolouring bright and light. He is oftenseen in a 3 piece suit with a vest and a tie that is most likely Hermes andeven manages to look incredibly masculine with that pinky ring - no easyfeat! If you’re like Roger, qualityisn’t something you’d be skimping on. Totry this look out, go for a classic gray slim cut suit with a vest, and try atie in a complementary tone, like a buttery yellow with a paisley pattern. The key to this look? Upper-crust eleganceand nonchalant confidence.

We're beyond excited to try out these looks at the office. If full fledged costume isn't your cup of tea, a simple fedora for the gentlemen in the crowd or a string of pearls for the ladies will suffice! Our Sweet 16 is going to a celebration in true Mad Men style {and rest assured, Manhattans will be served!}

{To find these looks locally, check out Ragtime Vintage on Bank & Flora or Banana Republic - currently promoting a Mad Men inspired collection. Your local Value Village will have tons of 60s accessories, such as ties, pearls and costume jewels for you to choose!}