Monday, September 22, 2008

Seth Godin Has a Fantastic Blog - Read It!

I would like to begin this post by stating that I can’t stand most blogs on the net.

Most blogs don’t produce anything other than top ten lists and meandering, unproductive thoughts about productivity. You know, How to Spend Two Hours Modifying Your Moleskine Notebook So That It Looks Very Pretty With Little Tabs and a Table of Contents (That You'll Never Actually Update)!

Or, Ten Tips to Put on a Pair of Pants Slightly Faster!

Or, 50 Kind of Related Links I Found After Three Minutes of Googling!

Seth Godin’s blog is different. Not a ton of links. No keywords inserted awkwardly into the text. No attempts to blow up the word count on a post that really doesn’t have the juice to justify it. He’s already written about his preference for longterm quality over short term content churning, and I’ve already mentioned it.

Whenever he has a genuinely useful thought, he posts it. This is a post from a few days ago, titled, Over the top isn’t…:

over the top any more.

The bar keeps being raised. That service you thought was so remarkable is now standard. Sorry.

That’s it. That’s the entire post. It’s a good thought. It’s not any longer than it has to be.

I wish more blogs were less about word count and more about quality ideas.