Monday, June 29, 2009

Canada Day in Ottawa! What's going on?

One thing is for sure, Ottawa knows how to celebrate Canada Day! Every year thousands upon thousands of people storm the downtown streets of Ottawa in celebration of Canada's birth and it can be an absolute pain to navigate your way through the mess.

Thankfully, the Internet can show us the way.

This year, don't be that person who complains, "Oh, I don't wanna go downtown...there's too many people...where will I park?...what's going on?...where will I pee?...oh, it's too hot..."

Stop it! You should be able to enjoy all the wonders of Canada Day in Ottawa by simply being prepared. Below are the best online resources to ensure you are ready for Canada's biggest celebration!

Free Stuff and Events:

Free things are plentiful on Canada Day in Ottawa. Your number one resource to find out what, when and where things are taking place is at the National Capital Commission's Website.

Here you will find the most comprehensive list of events, information and details on Canada Day.

Instant Information:

Social media tools like Twitter should become your best friend this Canada Day. If you need almost instant answers to what's going on in Ottawa, use your mobile phone and be sure to follow @Canada_Day on Twitter. These folks are there to answer your questions from road detours, event times and locations, and anything else you may want to know on July 1st.

Chat about Canada:

If you're looking to open up a dialogue about Canada Day with other people around the world, check out the Canada Day Facebook Page.

Unlike New Year's Eve, which always turns into a bust, Canada Day is always an absolute treat if you know what's going on. Don't forget, the fireworks display (which never disappoints) starting at around 10 p.m.

Wear sunblock, bring water, and prepare to celebrate Canada's 142nd Birthday, eh!